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Quality Inspection Company

Best Quality Inspection Company in India

Manufacturers must make sure that the goods they produce, ship, and distribute adhere to the principal's requirements. In order to protect your brand, reputation, and customers, DecorEast Sourcing, an independent quality inspection agency in India, carries out a number of inspections.

Quality checks can assist with:

  • Ensure product safety prior to shipping

  • Minimize the amount of defective merchandise

  • Reduce customer complaints due to inferior products

  • Detect merchandise containing non-standard or non-compliant components

  • Eliminate late shipments


DecorEast Sourcing provides a wide range of quality inspection services depending on your particular requirements during the manufacturing process.

Pre-Production Inspections

Before starting manufacturing, DecorEast Sourcing will verify the raw materials and components. We will confirm that the factory has ordered the appropriate materials, components, and accessories after receiving product samples. Additionally, we will choose a sample of partially created goods at random, check it for any flaws, and then communicate our results to you. If required, we can offer the factory the technical guidance required to raise product quality and reduce the likelihood of manufacturing errors.

During Production Inspections

During Production Inspections are ideal in cases where shipments are of substantial quantities; product lines with continuous production going on; there are strict requirements for on-time shipments; and as a follow-up if unsatisfactory results were identified during the Pre-Production Inspection. Generally, during Production Inspections are carried out when 10-12% of the merchandise is completed. DecorEast Sourcing, being an experienced quality inspection agency, inspects the production batch and will examine products in the line for possible defects.

If there are any variations, we will now point them out and recommend remedies to ensure product and quality uniformity. Additionally, we will examine again to make sure that any flaws found during the pre-production inspection have been fixed.

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Final Random Inspections

Only once production is finished and all goods are prepared and packed for shipment may Final Random Inspections start. We will sample products to confirm product safety, quantity, craftsmanship, function, colour, size, packing, and more using a statistical method based on industry standards. This makes sure that your product is consistent with all national, industrial, and other criteria and that it doesn't have any serious deviations.


Loading supervision

A DecorEast representative will thoroughly supervise the loading process during loading supervision, check the product quantity, and guarantee correct handling of the shipment. The container(s) will be sealed after finished. The risk of importing cargo is greatly diminished by this service.

Advantages of Quality Control Inspections

1. Prevent Expensive Product Faults and Shipment Delays - Quality control inspections reduce the number of expensive defects by identifying non-conformances early in the production cycle

2. Determine the Need for Corrective Measures - Before any products leave the factory, organisations can use product quality inspection services to assess the general quality of their order and determine whether corrective actions are necessary.

3. Protect Brand and Reputation - Poor products lead to complaints from customers and tarnish brand reputation. Inspections of the quality of products by a third-party help to maintain brand integrity and guarantee consistent consumer satisfaction.

Your hunt for the top-quality inspection company in India is ended at DecoreEast Sourcing. Our team has years of expertise and in-depth understanding of the particular rules, as well as the most recent laws and regulations, that apply to your business. At DecorEast, we speak the same language as the rest of the world when it comes to quality.

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