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Top 3 Furniture Sourcing Agents in India

Updated: Apr 19, 2023

top 3 furniture sourcing agents in India

Sourcing of furniture refers to the process of identifying the best suppliers or manufacturers that can deliver the quality and attributes you require at a reasonable price allowing you to make good profits. Production schedules, budget, price negotiation, product durability, reliability, testing, and shipping are all crucial factors to be taken into account when sourcing commercial-grade furniture.

To help ease the whole process, furniture sourcing agents come into play! They are essentially those companies that support buyer companies or organizations looking to purchase furnishings from distant regions that are beyond their range. These companies, often known as buying agents or import agents, are frequently required in global trade.

Benefits of Working with Furniture Sourcing Agents:

Saves time: The biggest benefit of hiring a furniture sourcing agent is that it saves your time by narrowing down your options. You'll be able to concentrate on enhancing other aspects of your business instead of spending your time searching for a reliable supplier.

Minimizes linguistic or cultural boundaries: A competent furniture sourcing agent will be able to communicate with suppliers in their native language, removing any communication barriers that can arise. Their knowledge and familiarity with the supplier's culture and heritage will help avoid any miscommunications.

Fast Negotiations: Furniture sourcing agents are well familiar with the maximum price discount that a supplier could offer. They can make quick and effective negotiations to get high-quality deals at a low cost.

Scam Reduction: A furniture sourcing agent will be aware of the standards that must be met to satisfy your business requirements and will confirm if a supplier has the necessary certifications. This will help guard your business against scams.

Best furniture sourcing agents in India:

1) DecorEast Sourcing: DecorEast Sourcing is the best furniture sourcing agent in India that specializes in sourcing premium-quality, durable furniture, apparel, handicrafts, and textiles from a large network of suppliers at the most competitive prices. Their team of local sourcing specialists has more than 20 years of experience assisting companies from all over the world with logistical challenges, quality assurance, and price negotiations. They thoroughly examine the needs of their clients, review every step of the production process, and deliver furniture in an organized and hassle-free manner.

DecorEast sourcing offer furniture sourcing services to:

· Home Décor Brands/Retailers

· Wholesale Bulk Furniture Buyers

· Real Estate Companies

· Architects & Interior designers

· Commercial Hubs

· Co-working spaces

2) Shama’s: Sharma's is highly regarded for its sizable network of more than 100 factories in India, all of which are well-established with top-notch workplace conditions and sufficient financial resources. This sourcing agent has been in service for more than 22 years and offers high-quality housing, clothing, and hospitality products, as well as accessories, decorative furnishings, and lighting. They care about the clients' time and money and have the support of a competent shipping team and network for prompt and reasonably priced delivery.

3) Rajasthan Sourcing: This is a reliable product sourcing agent in Rajasthan offering all sorts of traditional wooden furnishings, carpets, home decor, metalware, and stoneware items. They assist large-scale or rapidly growing businesses by providing a wide range of additional services, such as assigning a larger support team, offering credit after products are shipped, and providing free consulting for any questions regarding imports, exports, or certifications.

We hope that the above information assists you in choosing the ideal furniture sourcing agent who will meet your business needs and expectations. For any furniture sourcing requirements feel free to reach out to our sourcing agent at +91 98187 05014.

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