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Sourcing Furniture

Updated: Apr 29, 2023

Sourcing Furniture

For clients or businesses that are looking for furniture with world-class quality, durability, exclusivity and optimal pricing, sourcing furniture from India is indeed a smart and viable option.

Whether you are looking for traditional or contemporary furniture styles, thoughtful and elegant pieces for homes or sturdy and stylish pieces for commercial or industrial use, whether you prefer solid wood, metal, cane, etc., or pure leather, leatherette, etc. or any other furniture- related attributes, DecorEast Sourcing can help you source the furniture of your choice from India.

Why should you consider sourcing furniture from India?

India is a land of diversity and deft artisanship, from where you can procure an extensive assortment of superior-quality furniture at optimal prices. Every part of India boasts of unique artistry, furniture styles and designs that the best furniture-sourcing companies can help you explore.

In India, the types of wood primarily used in manufacturing furniture are Sheesham or Rosewood, Mango wood, Teak etc. owing to their durability and sturdiness. Also, apart from a vast choice in type and quality of wood, you can obtain furniture made using metal, a combination of wood and metal, cane, etc. designed using materials and fabrics of your choice entailing leather, leatherette, cotton, hemp and many other blends of yarns.

Indian artistry in furniture is much loved all over the world for its intricate designs, impeccable finishing, versatility, durability, elegance and competitive pricing.

So, whether you are looking for indoor or outdoor furniture for personal, commercial or industrial usage, sourcing furniture from India is sure to spoil you for choices. And the best part of sourcing furniture from India is you can avail of unmatched quality furniture at affordable prices which is a tough find in many other parts of the world.

Why do you need a sourcing agent for importing furniture?

If you are looking forward to sourcing quality furniture from a foreign land, at the best prices, you need to get in touch with a credible furniture-sourcing agent. Here’s how furniture-sourcing companies can help you fetch products that meet your requirements at competitive prices.

  1. A credible sourcing agent having extensive industry-relevant knowledge and vast experience can ensure safe and reliable international trade.

  2. An expert furniture sourcing agent will take note of the client's requirements in detail and research the credible suppliers that are manufacturing the requisite furniture and assess their end-to-end manufacturing process meticulously.

  3. They will shortlist the best ones from the available options, do the negotiation on the client’s part and fetch lucrative quotations for the clients. Thus, with the help of a sourcing agent, the buyer can get the best discounts and is saved from spending more than necessary.

  4. With the help of furniture sourcing companies, the client is liberated from the hassles of follow-ups, delays or disgrace to the brand image.

  5. A sourcing agent also takes care of all the legal aspects involved in international trade, does regular quality checks and ensures a timely, hassle-free doorstep delivery to the client.

In a nutshell, furniture sourcing companies help clients in saving their crucial time, money and energy by handling all the aspects of sourcing the finest furniture from the best suppliers at optimal prices across the globe.

If you are looking for sourcing furniture, you can resort to DecorEast Sourcing for finding the right suppliers assenting to all your requirements and specifications.

With more than two decades of extensive experience in sourcing furniture, DecorEast Sourcing can help you source the finest quality furniture as per your needs, and rest assured of convenient and timely delivery of the products by the book!

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