Dining Table

The dining or kitchen table is the central element around which everyone gathers for family meals. Kitchen and dining tables come in a wide variety of materials and styles, from wooden farmhouse tables to more modern glass and metal tables. A large room is perfect for a round dining table, or if you prefer a rustic style, choose the sturdy farmhouse table. Drop leaf features let you build out your dining table for larger gatherings while saving you space during the rest of year. Smaller tables work particularly well as kitchen and dining room tables when you have limited space and often only one or two people eating at any one time.

  • DE-3963 to DE-3965
  • DE-3961 to DE-3962
  • DE-3966 to DE-3972
  • DE-3222
  • DE-3985
  • DE-4021
  • DE-3650
  • DE-3654
  • DE-3656
  • DE-3694
  • DE-3695
  • DE-3696
  • DE-3697
  • DE-3739-DE-3742
  • DE-3833
  • DE-3834
  • DE-3845
  • DE-3728
  • DE-3729
  • DE-3730

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