Single Window Sourcing

Sourcing With Decoreast – We’re Your Global Connection to the Best of India’s Markets. As an experienced sourcing company for global and local businesses.

When it comes to tapping emerging markets across the globe, you need a go-between company you can trust to obtain and inspect the merchandise you’re seeking. You want to know you’ll receive what you ordered, and Decoreast Sourcing goes above and beyond to make sure your supply-and-demand cycle for the hottest Indian products is never set on “pause.”

Tailored to your company’s international, retail, and hospitality sourcing needs, we are your one-stop shop for single window procurement, offering comprehensive features and benefits with all products you order through us:

  • Single-source commissions with no hidden fees or percentages
  • Wide factory location database with more than 100 time-tested vendors
  • Routine factory and technical compliance checks on all vendors
  • CAD design and new product development services based on your ideas and specifications
  • Speedy, effective communication with all clients, and ongoing logistic support
  • Easy, 24/7 online access to your account for accelerated sourcing operations and tracking information

Because we represent your company in India, we are your trusted partner in India sourcing. From product tracking to negotiating potential vendor disputes, our buying agents are here to make your India market experience profitable, successful, and smooth.